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New in Sustainable Finance - How to Apply EU's Taxonomy Regulation and Reporting Requirements

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In this webinar, our senior consultant Katrine Hoset, Ph.D., will go through the EU’s Taxonomy Regulation and how financial and large companies can fulfill the new classification and reporting requirements in sustainability. The Taxonomy Regulation is already in force, and reporting against two of the objectives is required already in 2022 for the financial year of 2021.

To Whom
The intended audience of this webinar is corporate board members and management teams in sustainability, finance, and communication. Both financial market participants (FMPs) and large companies that already need to provide a non-financial statement according to the non-financial reporting directive (NFRD) will be affected by the regulation.

Our consultant will cover the following topics in sustainable finance:

  1. How and when will the taxonomy regulation affect your company?
  2. Which requirements apply to your company?
  3. How to achieve compliance with the minimum safeguards?
  4. What, how, and when should companies react?
  5. Prospects of sustainable finance
  6. Short presentation of Ecobio Manager - a digital solution for compliance with legal requirements in finance.